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March 15, 2013


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Derrick from Philly

Hey, Corey.

I always say that aunts and grand-mamas are a Gay boy's best friends.

Tasso was a rather peculiar looking fellow. I bet he was wonderful in bed--the strange looking ones usually are.

Joe Hayden

WoW!!! my grandfather was famous!!!!!!!! Love it


At least they spelled my mothers name correctly. Tasso wife was my mother.


I'd like to thank Joe Hayden and "Willa" for taking the time to comment on this blog post. I am always appreciative of those who comment (a blogger's life blood) or send other forms of communication. But I am especially thankful and intrigued when I hear from the family members (and personal friends) of the subjects I write about on this blog. Thank you, Joe, for opening the lines of communication and for the wonderful,rare photo of Tasso Zachary that you sent to me. I'm looking forward to talking to you, too, Ms. Willa!

Peace and Love.

Joe Hayden

Hey Corey have you heard of a lady named Mary with a daughter called Penny. Also a woman named Fatima who's mother named Vostima. Out of these names Vostima came after my grandmother and my mother lived with her in Louisville Ky. My mother says she stayed with a Fatima during the summer and if you haven't guessed yet she is making me type this by standing over my shoulder. Thanks for making her smile. Joe Hayden

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