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August 15, 2012


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BRAVO!!!! Brilliant piece. Witty. Sharp. LOVE IT!

Derrick from Philly

Again, another essay which leaves me uneasy about how I feel or what to comment.

I questioned my hatreds very early in life. And most of the time there was some feeling of envy involved. I'll see a beautiful man walking down the street and instead of smiling and admiring him I'll have this stupid feeling of resentment. Later I'll laugh at myself and blame it on alcohol. But then, I'm always afraid that he may have noticed the look of stupid resentment in my eyes, and wondered, "what's wrong with that fool?"

We always think that as we older we'll get wiser. You get somewhat wiser....some of the time.

Thanks, Corey and RevKev for the thoughts that make visitors to this blog think.


I too, after working for the past 13 years as a dealer at a major casino in Detroit, have often wondered about the surprising number of co-workers and customers who know me but ignore me in passing unless I speak first. I've learned to accept them as "haters," not to be trusted any further than I can spit.


Hi Michael. Welcome to the blog.
I'm told that there are all kinds of haters.
What category of hater do you think your co-workers and customers fall into? Do you think we use the word "hater" too broadly?

I also think that we have a tendency to expect more out of people than what they're sometimes able to give. I have a neighbor just three doors away that would never speak to us in public, yet we've been all up in her house helping her ass move furniture around. Turns out, she didn't "recognize" us off the street because once we got out in public, we suddenly became just two more black men that she'd rather not see to begin with - instead of her helpful neighbors. For the past 5 years, she's done and said things that made me suspect she was shady. A few weeks ago, she offered me some lemons because she "had so many lemons she just didn't know what to do" so I'm thinking I'll make lemon cream pies, lemonade and lots of other things. So, when I went to pick them up, she revealed that they'd already been grated for their zest and that she didn't want them to "go bad too quick" and "didn't know who else to give them to."

I was originally going somewhere else with this, but on second thought, I think she might fall into some category of hater but I'm not going to spend too much time trying to figure out which one. So yeah, you might just be right about your co-workers after all.

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