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August 09, 2012


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Damn!! This is real deep. Damn Corey, this hits home on so many levels

Fabian Thomas

thanks for sharing/posting this...Truth, naked, unabashed, bold, freeing...

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Corey:

I read this piece when I first got to work this morning and checked out your blog. I've read it again a few times today. And, of course, the picture is the perfect visual for what you wrote.

I didn't know what to say. I had no response.

I've had friends who couldn't seem to find a partner in life. They confided in me. I felt empathy for them, but I never knew quite what to advise. I just said, if you want it then you've to keep trying--looking, and being seen. Atleast keep trying.


Instead of opening our hearts we end up opening our legs. Feeling empty we let him fill us up, he cums and goes. And what about the ones who find it easier to go down on us than to shake our hand in a greeting, kiss our asses before they kiss our lips. But we were on our knees while we reflected on the fact that we didn't yet have his name. But when left alone and when we are lonely, we don't bother to make love to ourselves. We cry out to be held but have no thoughts of finding those who want to be held. We claim to ending up being fucked, again, but don't seem to notice we are starting out fucked, as usual. We drink the bitter tea but have no sugar to sweeten it. I want, I need, me me me, where is mine mine mine?


"We claim to ending up being fucked, again, but don't seem to notice we are starting out fucked, as usual." - way2ec

WOW ! ! ! ! !


There are things that I had thought and questions that I would now want to ask but would probably be inappropriate, or inadvisable, or in something. So all I'll say is, live your life baby the best way you can because no else will do it for you.

... Oh and don't let one day, one year, one incident, one series of incidents define who you are, because you know deep down, you're more than that. Just keep looking for Corey and you'll find all those different shades, ugly and beautiful are just part of being alive.


Thank you all for the comments here, and for the emails concerning the content of this post. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to make an announcement saying the text to the picture is not my life NOW. For the last 20 years, I've been in a fulfilling and committed relationship with a wonderful brotha. I first saw the photo used here when someone else asked a group of viewers to give it life. I immediately wrote what I saw and what I felt and I would not have been able to go in that place unless I knew what it already felt like. I'm not perfect and not yet who, what, and where I want to be but Thank God - I'm not who, what and where I USED TO BE!




Goes with the picture well. I need to do some writing exercises like this. Great work, man!


Made me think of my earlier years.

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