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July 22, 2012


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Derrick from Philly

Hey, Corey:

It's great to have you writing again.

As usual our taste in Hollywood classics is just about the same. I love "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and I've seen it so many times. Both Monroe and Russell are great doing comedy and the musical numbers.

I really like the number that Russell did with the athletes: "Is There Anyone Here For Love". With all the athletes in very brief swimming trunks, and they're totally ignoring her. I always joked that they were all Gay. Well, in real life they probably were.

It's so funny that you told your husband that the two little black performers were the Hines Brothers. Hilarious. And believed you!!


Thank you, Derrick. I'm trying to do a little sumthin'- sumthin' here without getting all INVOLVED. Just trying to work my way back!

But yessssss ..... to say Is There Anyone Here For Love is a curious number is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I can't think of any other musical number from the 50's that rivals it for pure HIGH CAMP. And when they bent over, stuck their butts out and wiggled them I was like OH NO,THEY DIDN'T!


I watched it too this weekend and i can't always help but get a little gay thrill when those boys in trunks (ALTHOUGH WHITE) do serve up much booty & leg kicking to outshine La cage aux Folles!

The Love Goes Wrong song always has made me feel a bit odd. The part where Marilyn says, "And day is DARK as night" and looks at the little black boy.Is it just me or was that just a subtle bit of rascism?


Dale, I think it's just you reading something that's not really intended. It's just two black boys playing Algerians that Monroe can shake her boobs at without fear of upsetting the censors....hmm, maybe that is racism.


Dale, I think it's just YOU. It could be coincidence, or it could be a subtle bit of cleverness. I hardly think it was racist as Monroe was not racist.

However, I did find this bit of peculiar info on a republican website announcing Russell's death last year. "Unlike many of her conservative colleagues, Russell was certainly no homophobe. She spent a lot of time in the Q&A waxing nostalgic over her openly gay choreographer in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Jack Cole. She repeatedly called him a genius and said he was largely responsible for the success of the film since neither she nor Marilyn Monroe could dance a step when they started shooting. Jane always seemed to enjoy her status as a gay icon, and she commented on the bizarre bit of homoerotica in the film when she sings “Ain’t There Anyone Here for Love” in the middle of a training session for the Olympic team.

THAT CERTAINLY EXPLAINS WHY "HERE FOR LOVE" IS SO CAMPY! Is it just me, but wasn't Russell VERY BUTCH in that movie?

Regardless, and oddly enough, here's what Russell had to say about her own Republicanitis - “these days I am a teetotaling, mean-spirited, right-wing, narrow-minded conservative Christian bigot, but not a racist.”

In other words, the press says call her what you like but don't call her a homophobe and SHE SAYS call me what you like, but don't call me a racist.




I went to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to look up the Moultries but it seems like they vanished from the face of the earth afer the 50s.

I hope they lived good lives and didn't fall into the pitfalls many other child actors do.

I saw that dance scene in the gym for the first time a few years ago. It is the gayest thing I have ever seen in the movies (and that's saying something considering Paris is Burning is one of my favorite films).

How they got that through the sensors I will never know. Why am I not surprised the choreographer was a member of the family.

Welcome back Corey! Keep writing.


Cecilia Ada

Gentlemen Prefer Bronze - Dan Burley


Thanks for turning me on to Mr. Burley. I'd say he was worthy of a blog post, indeed.

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