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July 30, 2012


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Salima Masud

Corey, you are a great writer. Oh how I understood your words and the mode of your story.

Your truthfulness,depth and understanding is great!

Salima Masud


Bless You Corey for sharing this with us! I have had my issues with co-workers who are like your relative and have come to the conclusion that the workplace is one very toxic environment. People make other people miserable. I've given some thoughtful consideration about going back to school for my PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on workplace behavior. I think the toxic environment of the workplace is an issue not too many people are comfortable in dealing with. But people need to step out of their comfort level. With the economy the way it is a jobs situation as it is the toxicity will get worse and there will be a concommittant rise in negative, mean-spirited co-workers. When you hear that someone has gone postal, think carefully about what that person must be dealing with at work.

So Thanks again my dude! You truly are superb.

Derrick from Philly

Hi, Corey:

I think most of us can agree with the conclusions you eloquently put forward in your essay, "Through A Glass, Darkly".

We all have a family member, co-worker or aquaintance that somehow never sees how rotten they've been at times. There are people I'll always remember with a negative view.

But you bring up a very interesting, and maybe, uncomfortable thought: how do other people remember us?

For the last 2 or 3 decades I've taken some comfort in the belief that I'll leave out of here with pretty clean slate--never initiated any harm to anyone. But as you say, "a brother clearly looks through a glass darkly not fully able to see himself FOR HIMSELF. He is not alone. Aren't we all guilty on some level"

There is always the possibil....the probability that someone else's memory of you may be an unpleasant surprise.

But then there are always a few angels (a grandmother, an aunt, a sibling, a best friend, a school teacher, a neighbor) And thank God if one of them has touched your life.


Sounds like you have the makings of a good short story.

But, even better, how about a one-act, one-man performance work? This would be a perfect vehicle for somebody like Earl Hyman.

You might already have the title: "It's My Turn."

First half of the play could have the audience falling in love with the character as his monologue describes the insulting snub he received on the last day at work.

Then during the second half the audience reaction is reversed as his real character is revealed while he rambles on, with the real facts emerging.

Maybe it could end with the man picking up a telephone and calling a relative (you) and announcing that he "will be arriving tomorrow for a little visit, you know, just a few weeks or so . . . we can catch up on things. Got a story I want to tell you . . . ")

Not a play with a happy ending!


Great is all I can say

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