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June 22, 2012


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The post was interesting the first time, and more so the second. Romero's nickname, BTW, was "Butch." Re: the heated response to his alleged dalliance w. Desi Arnez, the same-sex activities attributed to Arnez go back to his 1939 Broadway debut in the Rodgers & Hart musical, "Too Many Girls," the film version of which introduced him to Lucille Ball. According to some accounts, the stage version of TMG was a littler gayer than usual backstage; Larry Hart was starting his final descent down-the-tubes, and his "agent"/partner-in-crime "Doc" Bender was very much a presence in casting the show. The young, cute, and gay Van Johnson made his Hollywood move from that show, and another cast member, Richard Kollmar, was rumored to have had an, uhm, association w. Arnez. Kollmar went on to become a producer, married Dorothy Kilgallen, and ultimately did himself in.



You are a brilliant writer and I applaud you for profiling so many unsung, as they say, non-white SGL figures from the past.

Cesar Romero is indeed one of the more fascinating gay figures in movie history. Your summation of his career was quite enlightening. Thanks again for re-presenting this wonderful post.


I have the book Hollywood Gays, but it was still fascinating to read Cesar 'sstory from your perspective


Seems as I answered my own question. Looking at his list of books it seems the book I was thinking of was Hollywood Lesbians. At least I had the correct author.


When I read this post, I was wondering where I had heard of Boze Hadleigh's name before. Apparently, it was because of Hollywood Lesbians and in particular, hearing how his interview with Barbara Stanwyck was unsuccessful. Regarding Tyrone Power, I was reading a book in which the author described him as feeling held back by his image; he wanted to be a more serious actor like his father. Interesting post on Romero. I believe you're not the only one who sees something in him; someone else said the same when refering to his performance in Oceans Eleven.


Wow. A guy getting a bj from another guy is not gay!! Wtf!! Umm ya it is!!! Dumbest thing ive ever read. Ever! Thats gay as hell. Wow the internet is full of winners.

luke fawcett

Just for the record: Freud said that Anal Active and Oral Passive by males are NOT homosexual acts while Anal Passive and Oral Active ARE. I grew up before the 60's and most adolescent males' first sexual experiences were with the local gay. Women (then) were not as sexually active as they are now and they believed (because men were in control)that sex only happened AFTER marriage. They believed in virginity This made for some pretty screwed up marriages, male adolescent experiences and generally hypocritical attitudes. Ceasar was telling the truth when he referred to a B.J. as a favor.

Knows how to write

GAY "TWO?" Who the hell wrote this. Did you mean GAY TOO? For the love of humankind be smart enough to check what you're writing before you post. This makes you look like an idiot. Gay TWO. LOL. Moron.

ricky rocky


I mentioned something about CR and TP to a friend who sent me to this link. Fun article and very insightful. I have fun with straight guys all the time. ;) Anyway. Many years ago my mom and dad were in the diplomatic corp in Rome in '46. They met Tyrone Power and actually attended his wedding to Linda Christian. My dad once told me that he thought TP and CR were lovers because they were always inseparable. I thought, "hmm, dishy!" and now I read the corroborating evidence here. Fun, exclamation mark.


ricky rocky

Btw, read some of these posts and find there's lots of ignorance out there re sexual behavior and bullshit labels. OK, READ THIS VERY SLOWLY: PEOPLE THAT HAVE SEX WITH MEMBERS OF THE SAME SEX DOESN'T MAKE THEM "GAY." IT MEANS THEY ARE HORNY. PEOPLE WHO FALL IN LOVE WITH MEMBERS OF THE SAME SEX ARE "GAY." jesus. read a book.


@Knows How To Write,

My blog post on Romero is a remix from an earlier post that got a lot of attention. I wanted to add a few new photos and rewrite a bit of the text, therefore, I added the TWO in the title as a play on words. Readers who are familiar with the first post would, no doubt, GET IT (and I believe I also alluded to that within the text of this post).

If you were so worried about how what you view as a grave error makes me look online you would not have attacked me with your nasty name calling. And if you were as smart as you think you are, you would have picked up on the wordplay - whether you liked it or not!

Therefore, with all due respect, maybe you're the idiot and the moron. I don't need readers like you! FUCK YOU!



@Knows How To Write
Maybe you should "knows" how to read.


Here's a link refuting that TP was not gay. It's an interesting read. I have no opinion on the subject, just sharing.


So, Cesar Romero was gay. So what, so am I.

Brett Barry

Cesar was a wonderful man and attended my wedding in August of 1993 with his longtime and frequent escort, Sybil Brand. Man did he look great for his age - with a deep voice, and a touch of class. A very kind person. Thanks for this fascinating and deeply researched posting. We all knew he was gay and no one cared.

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