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May 15, 2012


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Derrick from Philly

Oh, Lord, James Edwards. I think I first saw him in "Member of the Wedding" when I was a child (a real child), and fell in love with him and Ethel Waters (a different kind of love for Ethel, of course).

Corey, you've heard the story that James Edwards' face was messed pretty bad during World War II--that plastic surgeons put him back together. And this was before he began his acting career. I can't believe plastic surgeons back in the 1940s could create such a beautiful face. And why would they take the time and effort to make a Black man so beautiful back then?

No, he must have been beautiful before the plastic surgeons restored him.


Hey Derrick! Yes, I'm familiar with the story and I've always been quite intrigued by it to say the least. I'm also inclined to agree with you that he must have been gorgeous before they ever got 'holt of him. I wish we knew more about that!


oh my.....I need a swallow of water...


It's already HOT enough! Now, you got a brother sweating! Man, they don't really understand SWAGGER today! This wasn't this brother dressing up. This was Monday. Regular. Suave. I've seen photos of like this of celebrities like Poitier or Belafonte, but I've also seen them of my uncle!


Exactly, RevKev! This was almost EVERYDAY, like you said - on the REGULAR! I used to hear older men reminisce about always getting a "new suit of clothes" and I didn't understand what they meant until I learned the history and found that they WORE THEM TILL THE WORE THEM OUT!

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