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May 16, 2012


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This I must see.


"In Peters' sensitive Johnny, we recognize certain mannerisms here or a certain touch there and we know we're watching an early film portrayal of a kindred spirit that comes off so natural, relaxed and unique that's just not common for 1962."

It just occurred to me that Brock Peters was a gifted actor who was, maybe, the poor man's Sidney Poitier. Peters was every bit as gifted as Poitier but either Peters didn't get that lucky break we've all heard about or he didn't/couldn't play the Hollywood game. I'll have to put this on my list of films to watch.

Derrick from Philly

Hi, Corey:

just got finished watching "The L Shaped Room". I loved it. Loved Leslie Caron and Brock Peters, and the actresses who played the old Music Hall performer, and the prostitute who lived downstairs.

I probably would have never remembered and finally looked at this film if it weren't for you.

Thanks. Have a great weekend!!!

T. AKA Ricky Raw

I'm literally watching this film as we speak. It's so good I had to take a break and google to see what others online have to say about it. I came across this article and you really did the film justice. And I totally agree on Brock Peters. Also, I totally missed the gay subtext. If you ever want to watch another British kitchen sink drama with gay subtext try The Servant. I think you'd like it.


@Ricky Raw, THE SERVANT IS FIYAH ! ! ! ! Lord, that is a SICK movie and I love every minute of it. But what I find curious is that peeped the gay subtext of The Servant and totally missed it in The L-Shaped Room?!?! Thank you for your comment and please don't be a stranger.

Peace, Corey.

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