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April 30, 2012


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Della Mae

It's just such a heartbreaking thing and I always wonder does barry feel somewhat responsible for how she spiraled downward. On one hand I say no because many have been fired or replaced and went on to their own glory like Patti and her girls. Then I say no because there are a few others whom ended up just like Florence. Just seems like when the train stopped, it stopped.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Corey. I can never get enough of all these wonderful photographs and your insight into what happened to Flo, Mary and the other one.


This is sad and beautiful and WOW! There was also something RIGHT about Mary Wilson and this is classy beyond words! I hate that the Lorell/Mary character in DREAMGIRLS got shortchanged and didn't get her SONG! Mary is a legend for so many real reasons and I will also love her for ALL of the ways she held it DOWN and TOGETHER!


Yes, Revkev, people seem to think it's okay to diss Mary in so many ways, but she was an ORIGINAL SUPREME! NOBODY can EVER take that away from her! And if it wasn't for Mary holding it "DOWN and TOGETHER" we never would have had Touch, Floy Joy, Up The Ladder To The Roof, Stone Love, Everybody's Got The Right To Love and so many other post-Diana hits.


Mary has certainly been the underrated Supreme as far as I'm concerned. I have always preferred Mary Wilson and have always been concerned about her welfare and whereabouts over the years. She has always seemed to be a genuinely 'for-real' person and caring person in spite of all the fame, etc. I liked Jean Terrell too (and her brother the boxer wasn't half bad either!LOL) and I though Miss Birdsong was cute, but Mary has always been "The" Supreme for me.

Didn't I hear back in around '69 or '70 something about Cindy being car jacked or an attempted kidnapping? And what has become of Jean Terrell and Miss Payne (Both Payne Sisters!)

Corey, Thanks as usual for enlightening us. You do a superb job and no one can take that away from you! And if they try, give them my contact info so I can set the record straight. LOL!


And what of Mary's daughter; Tourquesa? and her former husband, I think his name was Jose?


Hi Greg. Yes, Mary is Fabulous and nobody can take that away from HER - even though they TRY! Just last year, I believe, she was here in Cincinnati performing with the Cincinnati Symphony, so she is still touring and performing and doing quite well financially.

Yes, around that time, Cindy was "kidnapped" but not hurt. It was supposedly some kind of retaliation thing going on against Berry Gordy - so they say, and they came at him through one of the Supremes. Cindy has spoke about it publically, and strongly suggested that Gordy "influenced" the press to forget. all. about. it.

As you know, Scherrie Payne and Linda Lawrence toured with Miss Ross as part of the Return To Love Tour a few years ago. Her sister, Freda, is still beautiful and going strong. I don't believe she's recording but every now and then, she pops up somewhere on the nightclub circuit, or in the touring company of a play.

God only knows what Jean Terrell is doing. And I remember her brother, Ernie, too! Indeed!

Mary's PHIONE ex-husband turned out to be a douche-bag,and she rightly divorced him. I guess once the gravy train dried up, he disappeared off the radar. Her daughter keeps a low profile.


Well we can go back in time and I'll take cindy and u can take mary!

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