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February 20, 2012


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enjoyable read


Corey this was a most brilliant post. Your way of articulating our feelings and fine tuning our comprehension of certain things is just awe inspiring and I salute you for your talent my brutha.

For some reason, call it advancing age perhaps, I'm starting to be pulled in by the 'standards' I've just finished reading Lush Life, the biography about Billy Strayhorn. In addition to making me profoundly sad ('cause I believe the music industry including Mr. Ellington ripped the brutha off) It made the 'standards' more meaningful to me. I have an old 78 of Lover Man left behind by my grandmother and have heard it often but not until you put the lyrics out there did it really hit home to me. One could build a whole story behind the author and the lyrics and ones imagination could just go buck wild and I think it would make a great story that would work.

Thanks again Corey, I really don't know if you know the extent of the gifts you give us.

Much Love and Admiration to you.

Derrick from Philly

I second Greg's sentiments. I learn about new and interesting folks from our past here every day. Thanks, Corey.


Oooo, he was my kind of handsome, a cerebral handsome!

E-J Huirley

Simply, the best, you re, indeed, Cousin. Simply the best. Thank you for making the world a better and more informed place.


So nice to learn that Jimmy Davis was gay. Thanks for making it known.

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