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January 12, 2012


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Corey! Thank you for this! I wish there was footage of this service. I have always loved Dinah's music, but knew so little about her. Bravo Sir!

Derrick from Philly

Beautifully written, Corey. Thank you. After reading your piece I realize that Queen Dinah may have been Black America's biggest star of her generation.


Beautiful. I felt like I was there. Really really beautiful.


Damn Corey this was a fabulous post. I think you may have out done yourself.

Maurice Ronet

I love black culture and its manifestations.

Gregory Stephens

Brings back memories, Corey. I saw Dinah in a summer concert north of Chicago. She was with Count Bassie. She was gone that December. I still play her music! -Gregory


Irony similar life styles. Or regining Queens of
two different. Musical styles Dinah Pop and Blues. Whitney Houston Queen of Pop Soul whom died. Feb 11 2012, also Whitney shared. Same label with Phyllis Hyman 1947-1995. Whom, disliked each other because career success. Anyhow: Dinah's death was it accident. Or suicide
Whitney's death haven't been. Decided sources what to rule suicide? Both ladies high of popularity. Determind to retain there status, what occurred? Both buried with jewels large possessions. Still what happen? Could both deaths
been prevented. If appropriate sources could save. Them mental health is issue. Never discuss
in Black America both. Queens use prescribe medications to endure. Survival even late actress
Dorothy Dandridge 1922-1965 was accident or suicide? We lost so many great singers. To narcotics when, shall ever end. Esther Phillips
1935-1984 whom acknowledge Dinah. Style and older
sister whom, persuaded. Her manager 1953 to wear
appropriate. Attire while entertaining, Dinah was. Sincere woman unfortunate death. Many tired
to emulate her singing. Style Abby Lincoln 1930-2010 somewhat. Only one truely, Queen Dinah that is. Corey are you aware Dinahs son George. Died
in train accident 1947-1999 Dec same. Month as Dinah great article thank you. Show more pictures


Dinah Washington is my favorite singer. I do not think she gets the credit she deserves, and her music, unfortunately, does not get the recognition it should. Thank you for the post and the photos.

Bishop Eugene Ward Jr

Corey, Thank you for capturing the details of the transition service of Dinah Washington. I am the son of the gentleman who eulogized her. My dad always spoke fondly of her until his untimely demise. My mom speaks of her as well. Thank you for the mention of my dad in your notes.

Bishop Eugene W Ward Jr
Greater Love Full Gospel Baptist Church
Cleveland Ohio

limos perth

For the record, I've never seen or heard of so many limos in one place. That aside, great shots. That just goes to show how loved Dinah Washington really was.


I was 12 yrs old when Ms Washington pass away I loved her dearly and remember crying like she was a family member. We still have her music so the Queen is hear to stay

fredi harris

Absolutely wonderful! Beautifully and respectfully written. A wonderful tribute I'm sure Dinah herself would approve of!

joann sudderth

just wonderful wiuld have loved to have known her

Al Jonson

I really enjoyed reading about Dinah's death. I happened to be listing to her music on my iPhone via Rapsody. This story/post was well written. I have actually fallen in love with. The spirit of Dinah. As a singer myself, I marvel at her phrasing, especially during the song "For All We Know".

Walt Clark

Magnificently and tastefully described. Indeed a great songstress and the patent and copyright holder of "Diva". Thank you so much for this.


Beautiful tribute Corey. I was born that year but her music is just as relevant as it was in 1963.


i wasnt aware that this was the reason why she died. anyhow dinah washington was a legendary diva!

Basil  Winston  Jones

I love Dinah Washington {Ruth Lee Jones} & also
Esther Phillips {Esther Mae Jones} I would like
to have large photographs of these two women who's voices thrill me very much.. I was born in
Barbados & now that I am in the U.S.A. I love the
BLUES songs sang by them.. please tell me where I
can buy they photo's "OK"


Written nicely, however you had a couple of errors, but I had often wondered why there wasn't something as detailed as your article. Newspapaers in Detroit barely gave it any mention at the time including the Michigan Chronicle. I was born about a week after she died and not too far from where she died but I discovered her music when I was 14 and have a large collection both vinyl, cassette, and CD.


I much appreciated this. It took me back to my parents listening to this and how when i heard "Bitter Earth" during the movie "LA Confidential", it just put you right there in that place and time! How could anyone NOT be moved by that song.

Again Thank you.

marsha pace


Rob J

Very poignant and thought provoking article of a great talent who fell silent in her prime.
By an eerie coincidence, Amy Winehouse was a huge fan of Dinah. She was also cut down at a very early age at the height of her powers.

Anybody who has heard Dinah sing "This Bitter Earth" will feel the hairs on their body rise, because they know that she has reached the end of the line....

Tracy j

Although I was born long after the death of dinah washington. She is my all time favourate singer.
I never understand why she doesn't get the recognition she deserves.
She clearly influenced so many singers.
I absolutely love the lady, and listen to her every day..... Long live the queen !!!!

Mary Hughes

I remember her music from my childhood. She sang when singers truly sang.l also knew her mother,Mrs Alice Jones who attended Friendship Baptist Church in the Lawndale community of Chicago where she also lived.I believe Dinah now sings before the Throne of the Lord.See you later my sister.


I was a child when Dinah died, but my father had
every album. As far as he was concerned Music
died the day Dinah did. I know her songs by heart
now, thanks to my dad. We listened to her music
over the weekend, he's 85 years old now, and Dinahs music still unites he and I. Thanks for the story and the pictures. Bravo on a job well done.

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