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October 11, 2011


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I have an enormous amount of respect & admiration for Samuel Delaney because in his non-fiction work; Times Square Red Times Square Blue he writes so matter of factly about his own sex life with other men while at the same time discussing the revitalization of Times Square and how that effort adversely affected the sex lives of gay and straight men searching for sex in an area that provided it for many decades.

The documentary of which he is the subject; "The Polymath" is very good also and I highly recommend it.

But overall it is Samuel R. Delaney and his writings that have made me not regret my sexuality one iota. I don't feel that I am sick or "the other" because of stand-up dudes like him who function quite highly and effectively in society while enjoying & fulfilling his passions the way he wants to.


@Greg, I think the book you mentioned will be the NEXT work by Delany that I read. THANK YOU! I've also had a really hard time finding the documentary, too! Do you have a copy?

Yes, whatever anyone has to say about Delany, he was and is HIS OWN MAN and NOBODY can EVER take that away from him!


No, I don't have a copy but I wish I did. I actually saw it at a HOMO HARLEM Screening here in NYC a couple of years ago. Google California Newsreel. They usually have a great collection of lgbt documentaries.

Derrick from Philly

Hi, Corey & Greg:

I also enjoyed reading "Times Square Red Times Square Blue". I especially enjoyed how Delany showed that these "sex venues" (all night movie theaters, the peer, public parks)--how they forced Gay and Down Low men of different economic/social/educational backgrounds to interact. It was hard to be a stuck-up snob when you're in the bushes with everybody else.

It wasn't all just sex. There was also conversation...and oh, the heated debates. I almost got killed one night out in Gay Acres for saying that Queen Aretha was a greater singer than Diana Ross.

I used to wonder (and be questioned by others) why I was never ashamed of my whorin' years. Reading Chip Delany's autobiographical work has helped me to understand that there was no need to be ashamed... if you just be nice to people.


@Greg & Derrick. I guess all I had to do was call the main branch of my local library. Times Square Red Times Square Blue AND The Polymath DVD are on the way to me. Sure, I had to place an inter-library loan but that's part of the beauty of the system.


Reading “Times Square Red Times Square Blue” made me mourn for New York, for the city that will never return. The completely unrestrained financial industry, beginning in the Reagan years, and sleazebags like Giuliani destroyed it forever. It’s become nothing but a playground for trust fund babies who are as self-satisfied and as ignorant as their parents’ bank accounts are over-stuffed.

There were always the rich in New York, of course, but now the city is solely for them. Anyone else is there just to change their diapers.

I had the good fortune of attending a talk and Q&A with Mr. Delaney, and he is as brilliant and contrary in person as he is on paper.


I have long felt that Samuel Delany, aka "Chip," is the only writer in the current category of "queer," "gay," etc. worthy of winning the Nobel Prize. He is brilliant, original, and as a technician astounding. "The Mad Man" is a book of unreal brilliance: he makes the unknowable knowable. Even at times when he is going off on one of his crazy tears—like pages that should have been edited out—he is still memorable. Thanks for this post, Cory, and also for the beautiful shot of Chip as a young man. I'd never seen it. Perry Brass, http://www.amazon.com/Carnal-Sacraments-Historical-Novel-Future/dp/1892149184/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393856322&sr=1-1&keywords=Carnal+Sacraments%2C+2nd+Edition

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