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May 10, 2011


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Toddy English

Corey thank you for this!
I ALWAYS thought Carly Simon had some black in her! You can see it around her mouth and just everything.
I guess since I come from a background where there are a lot of mixed people it was just easy to see. But I never thought she was a "white" woman.


well the other half is Jewish....


Funny, I never saw it, my Pop's goes on and on about who is and who isn't, until my brothers daughter had a baby with her white husbad and that kid does not look at all black, mixed or anything else, a little white girl, which I think is a hoot, now said neice does nto want anymore kids, I bet she knows that the next one will not look like the first one!

But, at the same time, many people will own up to being being 'mixed' as long as its not with black, especially those of Hispanic backgrounds, ligter skin and the tell tale give away hair, like that America chick from Ugly Betty.

Lilian Hulen

One's race shouldn't really be an issue. It's good that she confessed to it! She's one of the prettiest women people I have ever seen. No one would've noticed that she's black! Just look at her facial structure! Superb! ♥


@Lilian Hulen! NO, one's race should NOT be an issue, but welcome to the U.S. where one's race has always been and will always BE an issue! "No one would've noticed that she's black" you say, and then you denote her facial structure. LOOKS BLACK TO ME! Or are you saying she's so pretty as NOT to be black ?!?!?


To me it's kind of cool because they get the best of both worlds. It's exotic. I love bananas and I love oranges but the two together....hmmmm, damn delicious!!!

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