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November 21, 2010


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OK, is this a Flannery O’Connor short story? Harry Crews, maybe?

Are you using us as guinea pigs for your next project, Corey?


OMG! Jim, you do flatter me, indeed, by mentioning me in the same breath as Flannery O'Connor. But, no, this has nothing to do with her. I'd never heard of Crews until you mentioned him here - I just googled him to find that, ironically, his first novel was called The Gospel Singer. I MUST check it out. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT! It has meant more to me than you'll ever know!

Taylor Siluwé

OMG - what a story! I'm hooked.


Oh, by the way, your story made me check on Amazon, and they have two 45s by Linda Meadors for sale for $6.99 each, recorded on the Mercury label, so maybe those are the two singles on a “major record label” you read about.

The three titles on these singles are “I’m Proud to Be a Woman,” “You’re Gonna Be Sorry,” and “Let the Beggar Be You,” which don’t sound much like gospel, but remarkably like songs I might hear at a drag show.


Wow, yet another powerful entry, I had never heard of her and what a life's story. The one thing it shows also is that in the "old" days, whites were way more tied to black culture than they are now and were not ashamed to let it be known.


Interesting story! I want to read more.


Can't wait to read the rest man, this was definitely an interesting and intriguing story.


Oh, come now, tell it! This is the B-E-S-T! Child, you done blowed up your encyclopedic repertoire of biographies and you've taken the investigative component to a whole other level!

I'm dying to hear the rest of the story!!!!


Oh no you don't Corey, you do NOT get off so easily. You MUST post some more, without delay. How could you leave us hanging like this? Details, we want the details, PRONTO.


Thanks guys! I appreciate your comments, and interest. Obviously, SOMETHING HAPPENED NEXT - and I'm going to tell it. But, I'm trying to hold off a little while longer, because things are not quite how they appear. If I keep writing this, I just might write TOO MUCH, so I have to stop right here, right now. I just wanted to acknowledge your comments! Peace!


I am at the edge of my seat. Please don't keep us hanging!




I'm scared. This sounds serious!

T Johnson

I am Linda Meadors 1st cousin! Her Mother and my Mother were sisters! None of this story is true. I was with her the night the albumn was recordered. It was in a recording studio, no blacks were there, it was a professional setting with professional musicians. She never lived in Cincinnati, in her life,and was never raped nor did she ever bare a child! Linda is well and living a christian life with her husband. I would suggest you get your facts straight before you face a lawsuit. How horrible to slander a wonderful blind girl that only has lived her life for CHRIST!!!!!!! PLEASE, stop this insane story NOW!!!


@T Johnson: Yes, of course this story is FICTION! I've already been called to task by a nice lady named LaVerne who said she was a friend of Linda's and she ripped me a new .... LIFE!

The thing is that I found the album and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the cover and one night my mind went HAYWIRE and I invented a story and tried my hand at writing fiction.

I have already promised LaVerne that I would do a part two to this story and set the record straight. However, I may decide to just remove the post in its entirety.

I deserve all of your wrath, Linda's and God's, too! I'm a worthless but talented degenerate with a perverse mind.

In Shame,


Not only is Linda my first cousin so is T Johnson. You are a worthless piece of crap.. And like you said yourself a pervert and degenerate. You should be ashamed..


I am Linda and T Johnson's first cousin also, all of our mothers were sisters.. What T Johnson said is true.. you ARE A PREVERT.. STOP TALKING ABOUT OUR COUSIN LIKE THIS.. YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP..


@Flea: Noooo .... I AM THE ONE who said I was worthless and a pervert - not a PREVERT (although I like the sound of that word. Hmm! Maybe I actually prefer to be a prevert as opposed to a pervert. We shall see and I'll let you know!).

Stop giving T Johnson all the credit!

When was the last time Linda Meadors was ever even THOUGHT ABOUT by the general public much less written about? And as you have so eloquently stated (and I have corroborated), this story isn't true. It's FICTION! I saw Linda's marvelous album cover in a dirty dustbin for a dollar and weaved a fascinating story line around it - which, as I understand it, I am allowed to do. As a result, I have received countless emails asking for Linda's whereabouts to see if she'd be able to appear at the grand opening of a barbeque restaurant here or as a special guest singing for gay weddings - and I just don't know what to tell these people.

Do you think Linda would consider making a comeback? Do you think we could work together and I could be her manager? Why can't we all just get along?


Have you lost your ever loving mind? You want to be her manager?? That's utterly ridiculous!
Your first mistake was putting her beautiful pic up for everyone to see and then to write this disgusting story about her, allbeit FICTION, it's still digusting! I am her cousin as well, Flea and TJohnson are my Aunts. The REAL Lina Meadors is one of the most beautiful people I've ever known. She has the voice of an angel and I remember as a child sitting by the piano listening to her sing....wishing I could be like her. She is so very talented and you do nothing but ruin all of that with this frabication of her life's story. She would be mortified if she knew about this...as me and my family are!
Stop this INSANE STORY! If you want to write a story about my cousin, then I suggest you write the TRUTH!! The TRUTH is much better than this garbage!


"Have you lost your ever loving mind? You want to be her manager?? That's utterly ridiculous!" says Rae.

Rae, have you lost your ever loving mind as to not know when you're being joked and like people who take themselves far too seriously you took the bait and resorted to name calling. But just remember one man's garbage is another man's intriguing blog post!

Stop this INSANE STORY, you say! I haven't continued it. Since this one blog post, I haven't said one other word about Linda Meadors. YOU and your family members are the ones who are generating more reader activity with your rantings and ravings here in the comments section.

Truth? You want me to write it? Tell it to me and I'll tell it to my readers. Better yet, why don't YOU write it and tell us all about Linda Meadors - the UNSUNG VERSION!



How about this for the UNSUNG VERSION...write one more thing about my cousin and you will have a lawsuit on your hands.


As the bastard black son of Linda Meadors, I have no problem appearing on an episode of Unsung. SO long has my mothers memory not been honored. I would love an opportunity to tell the world what a wonderful singer she was and such an unrecognized talent. it would also give me a chance to jump start my porn career.


Please send me a personal email immediately!
Are you SERIOUS?

Jim Powell

I worked at WINN radio in Louisville, Ky in 1968-69. One of my fellow DJs had signed a management contract with Linda and asked if I would want invest in her contract. I put up $500 which was used to pay for the recording studio that, I believe, was the demo that got her the Mercury contract of which the music was secular. I don't believe that Mercury used these tracks as their master. In a few months with expectations of Linda having a hit with her big voice, I was told that she had switched to gospel. Well I was very unhappy, but after a while I felt that if she was led to help people through her music, perhaps I was just a step for her direction. I hope she is well and happy. Jim Powell, JimPowell.com.

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