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November 05, 2010


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i love that u keep me posted!! It's trivia like this that keep me THRILLED!!!!


Wow, that was some tale, great stuff, and, I didn't know he had went and met his maker in such a sad way as his name is still splashed over some casino in Vegas that I can't recall now. Just a shame that someone can kill another and never have to stand for it.

Btw, did you love Carl Bean's book as much as I did?


@Sebastian! Thanks!
The remnants of the group he left behind at the time of his death, or the NEW MEMBERS that NOW make up that group are NOW KNOWN as Cornell Gunter's Coasters (or some variation of that). They are BIG on paying tribute and keeping that name OUT THERE - not to mention the fact they're probably required by law to do so.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Carl Bean's book! Keep checking in because I WILL BE doing something special on/about the book real soon!


I'm anxiously waiting for your take on Archbishop Bean and his autobiography, I read that book in a day, it was great, so much so, that the next time I'm in LA, I'm heading to his church, and, I wish it were longer and had more stuff in it!

I'll be in Vegas for Christmas and if the show is on, just might take it in and see if they give Cornell his propps from the stage, and, I do agree with you, his name is on it for legal reasons, smart business move on his part, just sad he isn't here to profit from it.

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