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October 04, 2009


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Mr Funky

Well at least they are in love! Black folks are so fuckin dated on this gay thing. even black gay men,...especailly black gay men. Love is love is love, regardless of how you dress it up. There aren't enough (if any), positive images of ourselves, that are not pornographic in nature, that we have access to.

Unfortunately, the majority of the black gay community is as broken as our hetro counter parts. hell, I aint even gettin my funky on, much less dating.....so there

Mr. Funky


I find the negative opinions for what these men decided to do for themselves just horrible...I wish that it was Noel and I that were getting married as well, they want to share their lives with each other and they decided to do it...MANY BLESSINGS TO THEM!


Oooo! It sho is gettin' stanky in here!
OH! There's Mr. Funky! Welcome, back!
Yes, that was part of the rant! Some of us
are so hungry for "representation" of the
way we WANT to appear before others, that
we ripped into Michael and Jamil for being
"too ghetto" or "too exotic" or just TOO
MUCH instead of SUPPORTING THEM and realizing
if we want to do it OUR WAY, then have OUR


Ummm-hmm! We always judging each other, it's a part of human nature that we have to learn to let go or "redeem." I face it everyday as a victim and a perpetrator! It really is quite a useless character trait. Judgment needs to be reformed into discrimination.


Hey, I forgot! It's really humbling of you to post this and expose your own judgment and thereby you are learning AND communicating an important lesson for us all to consider!


@ Hey Gaytekeeper! Maybe we can have a double wedding, huh ?!?!?

@ Hey Thomas! Always sharp and introspective!
Let's talk soon!


I love that
it is natural to fall in love with another man
but gays should be responsible and avoid street acts

Della Belle

Hi baby. I think people just enjoy holding others downe because misery loves that company!

Garçon Stupide

Well said Corey, excellent analysis of the whole sorry affair.

Those two boys are doing us all proud - I just hope they see articles like yours and don't dwell on the haterade.

P.S. could you do me a small favour and change my blog roll listing from The Ka-os Blog to ka-os|theory



Man, I love you more for your positive view on this. Thank you for being you!!


WOW, I honestly didnt think anything when I saw the pics except maybe they were from that time the 1970s or something and thats when they fell in love. That was literally my first thought. I liked thhis blog I wonder why people can be so negative about others life? Doesnt cost a dime to wish ppl well


@ nchotta! Yep! All should be responsible!

@ Della! Never were truer words spoken !

@ Garcon Stupide! Thanks for droppin by - and no problem!

@ Chuma! HEY BAY-BEE ! ! ! !

@ Jahlaune! It's been awhile! Wasn't nothing like the 70's, baby! But I don't think Michael and Jamil were together quite that long! Smile!


Remember the power politics of affirming the beauty of being black? Black IS Beautiful! Gays are affirming being proud, Gay Pride celebrations to counter all the shaming that we all have had to endure. Your posts on the art of passing are just as poignant Corey, and for the same reasons. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is most self affirming of them all?


I say people should grow up and mind their own business and let people live the life they want to live. People HATE because they're jealous. That's all to it. I'm happy for this couple. Gays are people who. No one is perfect.

michael shaw

god made marriage to be one man and one woman.i don't care how much you rant and rave,no matter how much you protest and march gay marriage is not and should not be accepted in this country or any other.its not about being homophobic or anti gay,its about whats right in the eyes of god.these pictures are an embarassment to all who believe in god and call them selves christians.this is not what the lord intended.they are making a mockery of the sanctity of marriage.one day we as a people will wake up and see what homosexuallity really is.its not a life style.and stop telling that lie that i was born gay. its a spirit from the pit of hell.the devil will use any and every spirit to turn us from the way god intended for us to be.we need to wake up and see this for what it really is.


Welcome to the blog, Mr. Shaw!

I'm sure over 75% of our population (especially those of African American descent) are eternally grateful to you for speaking up on their behalf, declaring unions like Michael and Jamil's to be "an embarassment to all who believe in God and call themselves Christians." Rhetorically speaking, have you considered that we have quite a number of allies among your ranks? Or have you considered that there are many, many gays (and lesbians) who are unapologetically gay AND CHRISTIAN?

Of those, few are making "a mockery of the sanctity of marriage." Heterosexuals need no assistance from us with their many slap-happy multiple marriages, the flagrant adultrey, the mental and physical abuse of spouses, and many other forms of blatant disrespect that make your marriages so sanctified! The divorce courts bear witness! I believe, THESE are the unions that God (a concept bigger than YOU and I) truly CONDEMNS!

However, like YOU say, one day "WE AS A PEOPLE will wake up and see what homosexuality really is...it is not a life style". How odd! You took the words right out of my mouth! But, I guess, on the back hand side, you can say that MOST of us live our lives WITH STYLE! Sorta like Michael and Jamil!

What I love is how "some" people always preface their words with "it's not about being homophobic or anti-gay" but then go on to call our lives "a lie" or "a spirit from the pit of hell". But you are right about one thing ~ "the devil will use any and every spirit to turn us from the way God intended us to be". Mis-quoting, mis-reading, mis-using any ancient text (the Bible) to condemn any group while elevating another is nothing more than spiritual bigotry and abuse! Who's the devil using now, Mr. Shaw?

No ranting! No raving! No protesting or marching! Again, like YOU say, "we need to wake up and see this for what it REALLY is".


Patrick Stephens

where can I find a Black Gay Church in Minneapolis ?


I really have been on a different planet the past three years. My first time seeing/hearing/reading about this. So happy that they did THEM. A big fat "fact all yall" to the rest of us.

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