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May 22, 2009


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You did a great job in this tribute. You need to get this out to the world. Important work!


Yes, he was ours. But he was ours as an African. No one artificial construct as race could hold him. No one sexual preference could hold him. As a writer, no one label could hold him, with the possible exception of artist; and an artist is, by definition, free.


I like how you really put so much effort into the things you post on your blog...


Thank You, Revkev! I agree! I do need to find some other avenues, but your words of support are always appreciated!

MacDaddy! You are so right! I danced around that idea in the original ending for this post ~ until I went back and changed it! Thanks for bringing that point back to center!

Gaytekeeper! Thank you for that compliment! Thanks for recognizing! Thank you for holding up a standard, because YOU do the exact same thing!


Dear Corey, as you reach back for affirmation, you affirm him. As you look for historical reference in his life and in his works you honor both the past and the present. I struggle with the concept of "closeted". As we "read between the lines" it seems Langston managed to live his life and his love life in private, not in secret. We do not find shame or denial in any of his writings. Your quote of his words helps me, if they are not pleased, it doesn't matter... and if they are displeased, that doesn't matter either. He built his temple of tomorrow, high upon the mountain top, and was free. If he could do it as well as he did then, he inspires me to be free in my temple in the here and now.



Welcome to I'll Keep You Posted and thank you for leaving such an insightful comment. Another commentor mentioned Langston as artist as free, and now I cannot get away from this truth! Your words "we do not find shame or denial in any of his writings" is so dead on it, and helpful to me, too! Please come back again ! ! !

steve canino

Langston Hughes was gay but he was not a homosexual. He was a gay heterosexual which accounts for his creativity and his blackness.


From a personal conversation I had with Don Evans, Artistic Director of Karamu House from 1985 - 1989, Langston Hughes was "A-Sexual" meaning, he did not have sex, and if he would have had sexual intercourse the gender would not have mattered to him. This accoding to Don who worked, lived, and socialized with Langston while Langston resided in Cleveland, Ohio.


Welcome to the blog, Renee! Thank you for your comment! Makes sense! Perfect sense!


This is excellent work!! The world needs to see this.


Wow, I am really excited by what I've read, in that trying to place myself in a place where as society would just accept me for me regardless, and just see another MAN, with a purpose to be fullfilled.

Color me Langston.............


Please don't jump down my throat, I'm just curious about something.... If Langston Hughes was in the closet, why would he have written gay themed poems/short stories? It doesn't make sense that someone in the closet would do that.


@Citizenooo, Hello and thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment. I do believe I addressed the dynamics of the times Langston Hughes lived in when it was not expedient for a black man so entrenched in (and beloved by) his community to be OUT! In fact, SO MANY in THESE DAYS AND TIMES can't seem to find it within themselves to live authentic lives; not much has changed. Actually, it makes PERFECT sense for a man in the closet to dance around the edges of his sexuality without fully stepping front and (publically)center into it; it suggests that PERHAPS Hughes wasn't as conflicted within as some suggest and maybe THAT was his expression. Writing "between the lines" that way was pretty common in Hughes' time. Do you really think he could have done it any other way and not been tarred and feathered for it? Blessed Assurance is the closest we have of anything overtly "gay themed" that Hughes ever wrote, and like I said in the article, one has to read with a little bit of history and second sight. Look around you, and know one thing for sure - PEOPLE IN THE CLOSET WILL DO MANY, MANY STRANGE AND UN-SEEMLY THINGS! Without a full discourse on the closet, I hope a little of what I said made sense to you. Thanks again!

Don Charles "Stuffed Animal"

This is a beautiful remembrance of Langston Hughes, but please stop saying ignorant things like "queer eye" in regard to LGBT human beings. Regardless of whatever radical terminology is trendy today or in the past, nothing that God creates is "queer". In fact, the various ways in which LGBT folk reflect Fullness (the blend of male and female in one body) links them to God, who is a Transgender entity(Genesis 1: 26-28). I pray that someday, people who carelessly allow hate speech to roll off their tongues will realize how cruel it is to hang slurs on non-binary sexuality and gender expression.

This quote of mine comes from an old Towleroad comments section:

"Langston Hughes was a member of our "tribe", either Gay or Bisexual. An old Ebony Magazine from 1951 or thereabouts published an article in which his habit of frequenting Gay bars was revealed. The Black intellectual community tries to keep him locked in the closet. We must not allow them to do it!"

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