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April 21, 2009


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I was a colored boy who tried to commit suicide three times (pills, slitting my wrist and drowning) Fortunately (or unfortunately I sometimes think) I did not succeed. So I can also intimately relate to people who believe or are driven to consider suicide as a course of action.

There is not enough understanding and too much judgment on this issue. People do not understand why someone would even begin to consider suicide. I think your post shows the desperation, depression and restlessness so indicative of suicide. What we need is a better network of dealing with the emotional issues of teenagers. For also a problem is the scenario where kids shoot up schools like Columbine and then take their lives. They want to be heard, to be validated and understood. Unless we find ways to deal with this or buttress programs already in existence this trend will not be abated.


When I read these stories...my first reaction was tears runnin down my cheeks and then anger that sumthing like this can happen to young boys. I had a pretty rough time growing up...I was teased a lil bit but seems like most of the guys accepted me. If tachers, principals, school boards and most of all parents, paid more attention to their kids, sum of this might be prevented. Bullying in schools has to stop also. It's ignored so much of the time. My heart goes out to yung kids, straight or gay who have a hard time at school because of their looks, actions, financial situations or other conditions. Other kids can be cruel at times.

Mychaeltodd Robinson

As a Black Gay Minister, this has me so upset. I went through a life that was hard, but the bullies got their butt's kicked. I had to fight, and at time's I just wish I had a positive Gay role model.....but I'm sure it would not have been excepted. Your children are dying and we are not doing as much as we need to do, to stop it. Inclusion is something that need's to be taught and preached. All the mega churches and jetsetter preachers continue to collect your money and never take a stand on a subject that will invoke conflict. I want to see honest preacher, with a honest word take a stand. Children are born into a world, where everything is at stake and at their reach..........death at their own hand is unexceptable. Not one more!
Min. Mychaeltodd Robinson


SeaNamedSolaris: Thank You So Much for sharing! I'm so thankful that every one of your attempts were foiled. We would have been robbed of a courageous and beautiful spirit that is only now beginning to fully speak, teach and reach others.

Jay: Welcome to the blog! Thank you for leaving a comment! I so understand the tears of sorrow and feelings of anger. I also feel frustrated because I don't quite know how to make a change. Maybe we need to keep speaking out. Maybe we need to really get busy and make some noise among the grass roots. Maybe we need to be more of an example, more of a mentor and not be AFRAID to do that! I know our people are literally dying on so many levels for lack of knowledge and nobody seems to care. Not even us.

Min. Robinson: Thank you for showing up on the blog! Lol. I think this is an issue the church can speak to but would they? You hit the nail on the head when you speak INCLUSION, but are they ready? Inclusion means flipping all their isms upside down and starting over. The black church in specific has worked too hard to get the hold they have today and they ain't lettin' up no time soon while the rest of the religious community keeps steppin on - in some cases. Why do we always have to be stuck and last in everything?


reading this blog entry made me remember my childhood, but my bullying came from inside the home...my uncle told almost on a daily bases that he would kill me if I grew up to be gay...I never thought about suicide even though I was merely 12 years old...I tried not read about these events because they are SO sad and it hurts me to know that there are children out killing themselves because their parents are teaching them how to HATE! we just shrug this behavior off as children being children but it is so much more than that...these children are hurting each other and when the self-esteem of a child can't hold up against name calling and alike we have SERIOUS problem in the world...I watched Ellen today and she mentioned that there should a course taught in schools @ all levels called Compassion. In this course children would be taught how to respect and love each other...God knows it ain't happening @ home...


Gayte: We expect these things from other people but when it comes from family, it's especially devastating and spirit-killing. It's said the one's that hurt us the most are the one's who are closest's to us. We have to love them at a distance and MOVE ON! Thank God you've moved on! And just look at how you are PROSPERING!


What should cease is the normalization of bullying. It isn't normal. And it shouldn't be considered a right of passage. It is emotional, spiritual, and in some cases physical, assault. If another worker in an office environment was antagonizing a fellow work to the point of suicide he or she would lose their job and possibly have criminal charges leveled against them.
Those boys took the initiative by telling the parents. The parents told the school officials.
Personally, I think the school principal and teachers should be SUED for gross negligence.

This strikes a chord with me because I WAS these boys growing up. Fortunately, I didn't have a gun. I was angry enough to pull a columbine.


If I'm not mistaken, little Jaheem's mother is suing! I know Carl's mother continues to be VERY OUTSPOKEN on this issue & her son's MURDER! I'm sure both families are BROKEN but let's see what happens. Yeah! Let's see!


These types of incidents are totally unacceptable. And should make every black person feel ashame for biasis that is rotting the core of our humanity. We as black gay men really need to start populating all the quasi black think tanks and empower movement sit in bullshit to show a face of fearlessness.

I can't tolarte, and won't, cowardliness any longer from myself or those who remain silent.

Mr. Funky


This is powerful stuff, filled with the ugliest of ugly truths. Good job, well done!!

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